Krzysztof Racoń


"Your eye has to see the composition, a situation that life gives you. Your fingers have to react and press the shutter. This is the moment. One moment! Miss it and it will never come back." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Tireless of exploring worlds diversity, curious about seeing daily-life from various cultural perspectives, impatient to tell the story through the images that always dare to leave more questions then answers, my main area of interest are communities in the social and cultural context.
What inspires me is watching their daily life, discovering their customs, rituals, traditions and therefore what can be found on my photographies are very often very common scenes from city life but that is what I like the most.

Every day we wake up in a new reality. Our cities change, our societies change, we ourselves and our perception change. What photography gives us is the tool to capture our perception, thoughts and impressions we have today.
Lets make a use of it!

Krzysztof Racoń is a documentary photographer whose work have supported activities of various institutions including International Bridges to Justice, Polish Aid and Fundacja Usłyszeć Afrykę and published in various media in Poland.

Awards and Exhibitions:

  • award in International Competition “Lens on Development” (2011) for the photoessay “Kibeho”
  • contest exhibition in Centrum Nauki Kopernik, Dworzec Główny PKP Warszawa Śródmieście and Bonarka City Center, December 2011
  • exhibition "Widząc, nie widząc", Galeria Spojrzenia Wybrane, Dom Kultury Lipnik Gorny, Bielsko Biala, December 2011
  • exhibition "Buruanda - live and let die" in Sens Nonsensu, Warszawa, November 2011
  • wystawa absolwentów Akademii Fotografii w Krakowie, Klub Finka, Krakow, Pazdziernik 2011
  • contest exhibition "Etnoklimaty", Muzeum Etnograficzne, Torun, Wrzesien 2010

co-founder of documentary photogarphy collective Blurry Stories